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Posted on November 01, 2019

Halloween 2019

It was one of my favorites, but I think I say this almost every year. Raija, who is 14 this year, was a scarecrow and we collected most of her costume from Goodwill finding a couple flannels and a pair of corduroys there, all pulled together with her bothers' suspenders and a bit of Ben Nye makeup. She got all ready for our photos, but then just didn't feel well enough to tag along trick-or-treating, which made me sad, but hopefully she'll still want to go next year. We've had a bad flu bug going through our house these last couple of weeks!

Zachary is 12, and this is the first year I've let him just order a costume he wanted rather than having to pick something I could make. It made his day, and this purchased costume brought him so much joy that I think I might be okay with the days of hand-made costumes being a thing of the past if that's what the kids want.

Aiden is 8 and was a zombie farmer. I was attempting some sort of theme with a scarecrow, chicken and farmer, but I'm not sure if that came through haha (not to mention the random Anime character in there — Zacky has always been the odd one out when I've tried to do a theme). We were able to use all of Aiden's own clothes, some monster teeth, a strip of faux fur sewed onto a tee-shirt, heaps of gray spray for his hair, some Ben Nye makeup and finally a pair of hands we found at the flea market years ago. Pro tip: if you're at the flea market and see anything costume-related that you like, BUY IT. Buy it all. I can guarantee you'll find use for the fun flea market costume pieces for years to come, and the fact they usually have a story behind them (and probably cost considerably less than buying from a costume store right before Halloween) is priceless.

Lastly, little 4 year old Ryan wore the Frizzle Chicken costume I had made Raija when she was five. I used to spend hours making the kids' costumes, so I was pretty happy this costume got to be worn again, and Ryan loved it. It's a Martha Stewart inspired costume made with lots of feather boas sewn on a onesie along with tights and a pair of kitchen gloves. Needless to say, he got lots of attention, and I'm hoping we have a few more years of him finding his costume from the box of costumes I've made for his brothers and sister.

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